The Charen Group, Automotive Advertising Excellence


How do we measure our success? Sales in conjunction with market share. What does this mean? Say you sell 50 units in your market and the market as a whole sold 200 units. This means you sold one quarter of the units for your market and therefore captured 25% of the market.  In the following month you again sell 50 units but the market as a whole sell 250 units.  This means while your sales have remained consistent with last month, your market share has dropped to 20%.  The best measure of selling success is market share -- capturing more of the market and increasing your share month to month, year to year.
We have seen dramatic results in every market we enter.  Our clients see sales and market share increase while the competition trails. Please visit our gallery to see what we do, or contact us to learn what we have done for our clients and what we can do for you.